Sedation Dentistry


Dental anxiety is such a common issue for many people.  Whether you have had a bad experience in the past, have trouble opening your mouth, have a strong gag reflex, an aversion to noises and lights, or just are plain "afraid of the dentist", we are here to help and will find a solution for you!

At Griffon’s Gentle Dental, we offer two different sedation options-

Nitrous Oxide, and Oral Conscious Sedation

Nitrous oxide  is wonderful for patients who are a little nervous about treatment, for children, and for people with very strong gag reflexes. We even have many patients who choose use nitrous oxide every time they get their teeth cleaned.

 Oral conscious sedation  is perfect for patients who are very apprehensive for treatment, have trouble holding their jaws open, or for people who are very busy and want to get multiple procedures done in one visit.