Tooth Extractions

With a simple extraction, the Dr. Griffon can safely remove the affected tooth without the need for major surgery.

Reasons for a tooth extraction

There are numerous situations in which a simple extraction can help alleviate pain or prepare you for another cosmetic or restorative procedure.  Some common reasons for extraction include:

  • Advanced periodontal disease that has loosened the tooth roots
  • Extra teeth or baby teeth that impede adult teeth
  • Preparing a patient for orthodontic treatment
  • Removing a fractured or malformed tooth
  • Severe tooth decay which cannot be remedied with root canal therapy

How is a tooth extracted?

As a precaution, our team will first take X-rays of the tooth or teeth in question, to help plan the procedure.  After treatment planning and explaining the procedure, Dr. Griffon will give you a local anesthetic that will prevent you from feeling pain during the procedure.  You may also choose to use nitrous oxide or conscious sedation to help you relax.  Next, Dr. Griffon will carefully loosen the tooth and then gently wiggle it out.  Occasionally, some teeth need to be separated into smaller pieces for easier removal. 

Once removed, we will pack gauze against the socket and have you place pressure on the area by biting down.  If necessary, the Dr. Griffon will place resorbable stitches at the extraction site.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.